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Our apologies for the inconvenience!

This website is undergoing continuous improvement to offer students the best access to Physics lessons by Ms Hoo.

Some of the chapters are complete, while some are still being developed. Ideally, we don’t like to share half-baked chapters, but we know some of you might need a little bit of help, so we have shared them publicly while we are still developing them.

Lessons that are available can be watched, while those that are not complete yet are not accessible.

We are currently in Phase 1 where we are completing lessons for SPM Physics and IGCSE Physics. All lessons are currently FREE.

What Our Students Say

Ms Hoo

With nearly 20 years of experience teaching Physics for SPM and IGCSE, I prioritize student learning above all else. My background in civil engineering and education, coupled with my ongoing pursuit of a doctorate in education, gives me the confidence to lead and inspire my students.